Playroom Closet - Childrens Consignment and Retail Store
We will NOT be taking consignment after May 8th, 2015 - until further notice !

 We have an abundance of consignment that we need to process and get on the sales floor before we can take any more consignment.
-Sorry for any inconvenience - 
 We have baby clothes on sale now until May 23,2015
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-We have bolts of fabric on sale for only $3 a yard.
-Various styles. Quality. Brand New. 
Sold by the bolt only.

1320 s. 108th St.
West Allis     
We are located 1 block NORTH of Greenfield Ave ,
On Hwy 100 . We share the  parking lot with the Northern Brewer sign at Madison St. & Hwy 100. Call if you need further directions.
               (414) 258-0700
Retail Store Hours:   Monday - CLOSED
                             Tuesday & Wednesday 10-5
                             Thursday & Friday  Noon-7pm
                             Saturday  10-4
                             Sunday - CLOSED
Consignment Alert!
We are located in the city of West Allis.
The city of West Allis has recently passed an Ordinance Amendment that effects our business and all resale shops.
This Ordinance would require us to report to the police department a consignors name,address,date of birth and drivers license number if they were to bring in for consignment any of the following items:
Audiovisual equipment / bicycles / computers and supplies / computer toys and games / crystal / china / electronic equipment / fur coats and fur clothing /
furniture / jewelry / lawn decorations or equipment /
leather coats or leather clothing/ microwave ovens/ 
motors/office equipment/paper money(collection)/
musical instruments/silverware or flatware/small electrical appliances/snow removal equipment/sports equipment/sports art /telephones/tools/videos,tapes,discs,dvd's,vhs movies.
We feel this is an invasion of our consignors privacy and we do not feel comfortable listing you in the police department data base just because you want to sell your child's bike.
In addition,  the cost to us to report this information to the police department would be way too expensive and would drive us out of business.
Therefore effective immediately we will no longer take items listed above.
We will continue to accept all other items that pertain to our business.  We will continue to serve you in the best possible manner and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
This change will continue to protect your privacy as a consignor.

Feel free to let the city of West Allis know of your concern with this new ordinance.

{we have not confirmed it but we believe the cities of New Berlin and Greenfield have similar ordinances}
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Playroom Closet offers a huge selection of children's clothing , books , toys and more. Our new showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience you will enjoy. Find reasonably priced treasures.
If you don't see what you're looking for , ask to list your item on our "wish" list and we will contact you as soon as one is made available.
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